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CENTRUM Limited 166 Arrows

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Altra Arrows® 166 Centrum Limited Shafts are built on an architecture of accuracy comprised of high-grade carbon shafts, premium components, and sophisticated manufacturing processes that work together to deliver the most accurate and efficient arrows on the market.

Altra Arrows®Centrum Limited line has exhaustive attention to detail with a straightness spec of up to 0.003’’ for unmatched precision. State-of-the-art measuring equipment is used to verify arrow shaft and component straightness, along with Altra’s weight matching process, ensuring you are getting the most consistent arrows available. Manufactured from a proprietary blend of high modulus carbon this sophisticated construction results in Altra Arrows® NO SPINE Technology, delivering an unrivaled arrow with improved tunability and increased consistency. The shafts are accompanied by premium components made from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. Altra Arrows® attention to detail helps to create better archers so that they can reach The Pinnacle of Precision & Performance™.


  • Comes in 6 pk Fletched QTY (1 grey/2 white Altra branded Q2i RAPT-X vanes) or 12 pk Shafts QTY
    • All arrow packages are weight matched to be +/- 1 gn
  • 32" total length
  • A.R.C.O.S. Insert/Outsert System and nocks included
  • NO SPINE Technology

Altra Arrows highly recommends using a foam style arrow target when shooting arrows that have an ARCOS system, as the outserts can get stuck in filler of bag style targets which can damage the insert/outsert system or arrow.

Find the A.R.C.O.S Assembly Instructions HERE

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Theriot
Love them

Honestly loved them enough I turned around and just ordered another 6. Don’t love the outsert system because I’m shooting 3d with them and using the altra .166 glue in tips.

Shayne MacCuish
Great Arrow, Zero Options...disappointed

Love the arrows, very consistent and accurate. I would love to have options like a half out. Currently I can glue in tips or use the ARCOS system. Seriously you spent how many years in development of this arrows and these were the only 2 options you came up with?

Brandon Eichhorn
Ultra arrows

The arrows themselves are amazing
However I am having trouble with the inserts threading into the outserts and the threads matching up.

Patrick Deville
Great arrows

I wanted to try a 4mm shaft but was always skeptical on an outsert system. However after building these and seeing how tight the tolerances were I am a fan. These arrows are at the perfect gpi for me to stay in the lower 400 grain range and still be able to have an foc of roughly 15 percent. I will be buying more


Great product. Well built and fast shipping.

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