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Precision Redefined: Altra Arrows' Innovation with No Spine Technology

Precision Redefined: Altra Arrows' Innovation with No Spine Technology

When it comes to archery, hitting the bullseye requires skill and the right equipment. Altra Arrows are created with a groundbreaking innovation called No Spine Technology, promising a revolution in the world of arrows. Before delving into its benefits, it's crucial to clarify that "No Spine Technology" doesn't mean spineless arrows – it signifies a dedication to precision manufacturing that ensures the tightest of tolerances arrow to arrow, resulting in consistent builds.

Arrow spine has two meanings in relation to archery arrows. One meaning is a numerical value – which is the measurement of deflection when an arrow is supported at a span of 28 inches and a weight is hung in the middle of those 2 points. For example, a 350-spine arrow deflects or bends a total of 0.350’’ during this test.  This spine notation is important, as the spine value needed is dependent on the user’s specific bow draw length and draw weight. The second meaning for “SPINE” relates to the stiff axis which runs along the length of the arrow shaft.  This stiff axis is typically created during the manufacturing of the arrow shaft, and Altra’s sophisticated manufacturing processes virtually eliminates this stiff axis. Eliminating the stiff axis is valuable as it allows for an easier to tune arrow. 

Altra’s No Spine Technology is achieved through sophisticated manufacturing processes in both the manufacturing and post-processing phases of production.  During manufacturing, the way Altra Arrows are constructed, paired with the high-quality materials that are used, results in a superior product with unmatched durability and consistency. In the manufacturing of Altra Arrow shafts, additional proprietary processing of the shafts create a uniform arrow stiffness around the entire circumference of the arrow. Having a uniform stiffness virtually eliminates any variation around the entire shaft, which results in a more consistent and forgiving setup. Once this process is completed, a truly superior arrow is created as the result.  

Have you ever had a “flyer” arrow that doesn’t seem to hit with the rest of your group? Or experienced inconsistent arrow flight throughout your dozen? What about feeling like your groups are not as tight as you think they should be? These conditions could all be the result of the arrows you are shooting, and the variation in spine and consistency across your group of arrows. No Spine Technology will eliminate these frustrating conditions every archery can experience.

  1. Consistency Across arrows: These sophisticated manufacturing processes, along with Altra’s arrow weight matching, create a level of consistency unrivaled in the industry.  This results in each pack of arrows to be +/- 1 grain of each other through a rigorous sorting process, resulting in each arrow being identical to the next.
  2. Easier Arrow Tuning: By eliminating the stiff axis of the arrow, the user can build arrows without index tuning.  Along with the high-level tolerance of our precision components, this results in an easier bow-to-arrow tuning process.
  3. Improved Arrow Flight & Downrange Accuracy: All the attributes above allow for Altra Arrows to be more consistent and accurate, no matter the orientation of the arrows, at any distance. This is guaranteed across all of Altra’s available arrow sizes for both target and hunting applications. 

No Spine Technology is about redefining precision in archery. It introduces a level of assurance and adaptability previously unavailable to archers; promising a more enjoyable and accurate shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting, exploring how Altra Arrows can elevate your archery experience and open up a world of confidence. Step onto the archery range knowing your arrows will fly true. The adaptability of "No Spine Technology" allows you to fine-tune your equipment, enhancing your accuracy and overall performance, and Altra Arrows is at the forefront of this revolutionary approach – offering archers a chance to embrace a new era of precision.  

So, why settle for one-size-fits-all when you can have arrows designed with you in mind? Experience the difference that No Spine Technology makes in every shot. Whether you aim for the bullseye or the thrill of hitting a distant target, Altra Arrows invites you to explore a personalized archery journey where every arrow feels like an extension of your skill and passion. Elevate your archery game with Altra Arrows – The Pinnacle of Precision and Performance.  

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