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Altra Arrows Decal

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Let the world know you shoot Altra Arrows!

This 6x4" window decal sticks to just about anything you want to put it on! Our Altra Arrow Shooters put theirs on:

  • Truck Windows
  • Hard Bow Cases
  • Arrow Tubes
  • Tumbler Mugs
  • Laptops
  • And so much more!

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Herrell
Altra Centrum Limited .246 shafts

These shafts are very consistent in straightness and weight! I cut shafts to length and installed the inserts and field tips. I wanted to test the shafts to see if they are really spinless. I shot a bare shafts through paper and got a perfect bullet hole. I rotated the nock 90 degrees and still got a bullet hole. I didn't matter where the nock was oriented in the shaft I always got a perfect bullet hole tear through paper! I am really impressed with everything about these arrows, thanks for making such a great product!

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