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CENTRUM Premier 166 Arrows

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Altra Arrows® 166 Centrum Premier Shafts are built on an architecture of accuracy comprised of high-grade carbon shafts, premium components, and sophisticated manufacturing processes that work together to deliver the most accurate and efficient arrows on the market.

Altra Arrows™ Centrum Premier line sets the mark for quality with industry leading straightness of .001”. Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment to verify arrow shaft and component straightness, along with Altra’s weight matching process ensures you are getting the most consistent arrows available. Manufactured from a proprietary blend of high modulus carbon this sophisticated construction results in Altra Arrows™ NO SPINE Technology, delivering an unrivaled arrow with improved tunability and increased consistency. The shafts are accompanied by premium components made from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. Altra Arrows™ attention to detail helps to create better archers so that they can reach The Pinnacle of Precision & Performance™.


  • Comes in 6 pk or 72 pk Fletched QTY (1 grey/2 white Altra branded Q2i RAPT-X vanes) or 12 pk Shafts QTY
    • All arrow packages are weight matched to be +/- 1 gn
  • 32" total length
  • A.R.C.O.S. Insert/Outsert System and nocks included
  • NO SPINE Technology

Altra Arrows highly recommends using a foam style arrow target when shooting arrows that have an ARCOS system, as the outserts can get stuck in filler of bag style targets which can damage the insert/outsert system or arrow.

Find the A.R.C.O.S Assembly Instructions HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Fly like a dream

Trinity Brown
Arrows review

Hadn’t gotten them in yet all I have recieved is the pin bushing and glue in tips

Josh Kolar

Arrows fly good just had a problem with the outserts coming off in targets and fletchs falling off

Chris Mosley
Fantastic arrow 166

Recently just bought a pack of 166 from my dealer and so far I’m loving them, very accurate! Probably one of the best arrows I have shot and excited for the next hunting season!

Thomas Magness
166. Arrows

I have not had the opportunity to put them to the test yet but flight quality is unreal and possibley unmatched great job... I purchased another 6 from my local dealer..

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