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Safety Information


Altra Arrows highly recommends using a foam style arrow target when shooting arrows that have an ARCOS system, as the outserts can get stuck in filler of bag style targets which can damage the insert/outsert system or arrow.


Inspect each Altra arrow for damage before every shot.  With proper care, carbon arrows can perform effectively for years.  Carbon arrows do however have the potential to be damaged while shooting.  To properly inspect an arrow shaft, grip each end of your arrow securely and flex the arrow away from yourself so that the shaft bends slightly.  Visible and audible queues of a damaged shaft are cracking noises, splintering, cracks, nicks, gouges, or loose components.  Rotate the shaft by 90 degrees and repeat this check 3 more times so that the arrow is tested in 4 directions total.  If any of these defects are found during the testing process, discard the arrow immediately.  Shooting damaged arrows can result in serious injury to yourself and damage to your equipment and surroundings.


Carbon arrows must be cut using a high-speed arrow saw only.  Using any other methods of cutting arrows to size may cause damage to and/or compromise the arrow.


Before shooting any Altra Arrow it is necessary that your arrow rest is properly installed and tuned so that the arrow is perpendicular to both the inner shelf face and grip shelf.  Failure to properly setup your arrow rest to both the bow and arrows being used significantly increases the risk if injury to yourself and may cause damage to your equipment and surroundings.


The use of an overdraw that allows the shooter to use an arrow whose leading point rests short of the riser shelf and grip area of the bow significantly increases the risk of injury to the shooter.  Arrows are recommended to be cut so that the arrow extends at least 1’’ past the rest contact point when at full draw.  When not using an overdraw, it is recommended that arrows are not cut any shorter than 1 inch less than actual draw length. 


Shooting a weaker arrow spine than recommended from the Altra Spine chart significantly increases the risk if injury to yourself and may cause damage to your equipment and surroundings.  It is recommended that the spine shown at your draw length and draw weight be used when selecting arrow spine.  For every 25 grains your point/insert is increased it is recommended that you increase your arrow spine by 50 (ie- draw weight 70-75lb at 28’’ with 125 grain point should be 250 spine, not 300).  If your given draw weight and draw length are not shown on the Altra spine chart, please contact customer service or visit an authorized dealer for proper arrow selection and support.

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