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Altra Arrows: The Arrow You Want This Hunting Season

Altra Arrows: The Arrow You Want This Hunting Season

To achieve the perfect shot, an archer has lots of choices to make – particularly when it comes to hunting and what you want to use out in the field. Altra Arrows® makes the right choice for premium hunting arrows simple. When choosing the right arrow, especially when it comes to the shot that counts, it is always important to consider the level of detail that goes into it. From the manufacturing processes to the components that accompany the arrow – ultimately, the quality of your shot will depend on the quality of the shaft.  

When searching for that perfect hunting arrow, archers look for increased penetration, reduced wind drift, and greater kinetic energy to make sure that ultimate shot aims straight and true. Altra Arrow’s 166 and 246 Limited & Premier Arrows both achieve these traits with a smaller diameter (.166” ID & .246” ID respectively), allowing for increased accuracy. With a heavier shaft, combined with our ARCOS (Altra Reinforced Concentric Outset System) Insert/Outsert system, the 166 micro arrows have increased durability and penetration; great for the fine-tuning and detailed oriented hunter. Our 246 arrows have a slightly wider inner diameter with a great initial set up for the more traditional hunter, but still have available components that allow you to switch out our standard inserts providing a whole other level of customization for your arrow preferences.  


At Altra Arrows® our focus is on precision. State-of-the-art measuring equipment is used to verify arrow shaft and component straightness, along with Altra’s weight matching process, you can be sure you are getting the most consistent arrows available. Moreover, our shafts are manufactured from a proprietary blend of high modulus carbon, constructed in a way that significantly reduces the spine (stiff axis of an arrow), resulting in easier tuning and increased accuracy. The shafts are accompanied by premium components made from high grade aluminum and stainless steel, featuring a level of unmatched precision and enhanced customizability for each archer with multiple component options available. 


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