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Altra Arrows: Taking Precision to the Next Level

Altra Arrows: Taking Precision to the Next Level

Altra Arrows® achieves the The Pinnacle of Precision & Performance™ through specific enhancements that make it possible for archers to reach maximum efficiency and consistently accomplish precise accuracy with every arrow released. To fully achieve this, Altra Arrows® come with component offerings – such as FMS weights, heavy brass 246 inserts, and the 166 A.R.C.O.S. insert/outsert system – allowing for a highly customizable arrow setup that enables the archer to fine tune their arrow FOC (Front of Center).  


Front of Center (FOC) is a term commonly used in archery and arrow design; it refers to the central balance point of an arrow in relation to its overall length. FOC is a critical factor in determining an arrow’s flight characteristics, down range accuracy, and penetration performance. The consideration of the Front of Center is a critical factor in taking an arrow’s performance to the next level. That is why we made sure to include a vast assortment of components that would allow the archer to fine tune their arrow setup for their pinnacle performance.

To further enhance precision, we developed the A.R.C.O.S. system. The ARCOS system is a 3-piece insert/outsert system created to provide unparalleled resilience with superior component-to-arrow fitment. The insert secures into the arrow shaft at a depth of 0.875", while the outsert then threads directly onto the insert and encapsulates the leading end of the arrow at 0.43", creating unmatched durability.  Essential rubber O-rings come pre-installed on the insert within the A.R.C.O.S. system, as they aid in locking the outsert in place – reducing vibration and improving concentricity between the outsert to the insert for a more precise arrow set up and down range accuracy. The system fits our Altra Arrows 166 Shafts and is machined out of 7075-T6 aluminum for superior durability and performance with optimal fit options. 


Altra Arrows® was built on an architecture of accuracy. We achieve that through offering a full line of arrows and components that elevate your shooting experience and provide you with the options to customize your arrow set up to reach the peak performance any archer needs.  

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